June 2021

Bruegmann Merchandising Solutions Support Category Management, Shopper Marketing and Planogram Planning

Shopper Marketing Merchandising

Current Situation

The disciplines of Category Management Shopper Marketing and Planogram Planning are converging

  • Category Management is focused on the optimization of the overall category ROI
  • Shopper Marketing is focused on the process of influencing shopper behavior in-store through relevant communication and merchandising
  • Planogram Planning supports both executing category optimization and shopper focus

The Bruegmann Group objective is to provide merchandising solutions that support a consistent, coherent shopper centric category strategy and planogram process benefiting shopper, retailer and brand.

Future Outlook

72% of retailers and CPG companies want to improve precision of Category Management and include a strong shopper focus.

It is not only about a planogram and shelf space allocation anymore. It is about …

  • Understanding the customer’s path to purchase
  • Ensuring the right products are available
  • Making sure that shelves are well organized and merchandised
  • Guiding and educating shoppers
  • Implementing a planogram enabling profitable growth
Category Management Improvement

This means that shelf management systems and In-store activation will have more important roles to play in the execution of Category Management and Shopper Marketing.  This will be achieved by integrating relevant on-shelf systems that will delivery immediate added value and solutions.

The Fusion of Category Management and Shopper Marketing

Category Management and Shopper Marketing have merged in a way that still takes shelf space and profitability into consideration. The process starts with insights about shopping behaviors and mindsets for a specific channel, retailer or store. Category analytics and Shopper insights enable a combined strategy that is easily converted into Shelf Management Solutions, Shopper Activation and Planogram Implementation.

Category Management and Shopper Marketing have a direct correlation

Bruegmann shelf management systems support Category Management and Shopper Marketing in the following ways:

Category Management Shopper Marketing Planogram Planning Relationship

Bruegmann Merchandising Solutions Converts Shoppers Into Buyers

The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions that deliver an innovative differentiation to retailers and brands supporting the following objectives:

  1. Fronting and Organization: Always get the basics right by keeping shelves well organized and products fronted and shoppable. Solutions like FlexRoller and ProPusher help achieve that.
  2. In-Store Communication: Assist the shopper with store guidance, education, and information to make product visible and help her/him make an informed purchase. Products like the Cube, Shelf strips and Aisle markers are the tools to achieve that.
  3. Cross-merchandising: Making shopping easy to sell more and increase basket size. Impulse strips make products available where they can be sold in combination with other relevant products.