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Convenience Store


Putting the ‘Convenience’ in Convenience Store

  • The average customer spends 3.5 minutes in a C-Store
  • The sale will be lost if the customer can’t quickly find what they’re looking for
  • Limited staff makes manually fronting product difficult

Case Studies:

Large C-Store Chain Increases Sales


Automating the tedious tasks

  • Manual fronting is a time consuming and costly labor process
  • By automating fronting in key categories, store associates can spend less time fronting shelves and more time with the customer
  • FlexRoller enhances the shopping experience by ensuring that the shopper’s desired product is always accessible at the shelf edge

Case Studies:

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Taking the strain off your store associates

  • Shopping experience is enhanced for the consumer when product is organized and fronted
  • Manual fronting is a time consuming and costly labor process
  • Burden of fronting is reduced for a limited in-store staff

Case Studies:

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Control your product’s destiny

  • Our capabilities allow us to create a ‘brand destination’ by incorporating custom solutions such as signage, fixtures and more!
  • Millions of dollars are put into developing a product, if your product is lost in the back of the shelf, that money is wasted
  • Make the most out of your merchandising display by maximizing space to sales

Case Studies:

Coming Soon!


Keep costs low by boosting operational efficiencies

  • Low-cost models call for automation to lower labor costs
  • With limited in-store staff, manual fronting throughout the day is nearly impossible
  • By automating product fronting in key categories, the burden of shelf organization is reduced greatly
  • With organized and fronted shelves, consumers can easily find their desired products

Case Studies:

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