April 2021

Store of the Future – Bruegmann Retail Activation Solutions

New Store Concepts

Many retailers have set up their ‘Store of the Future’. Bruegmann has a full range of on-shelf merchandising solutions to support any initiative.

Current Situation

What makes a store of the future has evolved over time. 30 years ago it was about self service shopping and today it is touchless checkout. The implementation of new shopping visions is a slow process. There is a long curve from early adopters to full market implementation. Therefore it is essential to get the ‘basics’ right first – such as planogram compliance and effective shelf management. Failure to execute these basics will result in any advanced technology or experience falling short.

Bruegmann helps get the basics right to enable retailers to implement their vision of the store of the future.

Ultimate Objective

The ultimate objective is still, and always will be to gain customer loyalty through an optimized shopping experience. This means different strategies for various channels, store formats, retailers and even individual stores.

The key objectives for retailers should always be to make shopping:

  • Easy and Fast: Store layout optimization, find products easily, quicker checkout etc.
  • Informative and Educational: Product information, new product/service promotions etc.
  • A Destination: Know exactly where to go for certain products & services
  • An Experience: Something that you will not forget – in-store cafes, Ikea, Costco etc.

Back To The Basics In The Store of the Future

Currently any ‘future-store’ strategy is all about technology and online experience. Retailers are investing in store renovations, cashierless technologies, and optimized store layouts to compliment digital platforms. These investments can prove futile if a retailer fails to execute the necessary tasks of planogram compliance and shelf management. Maintaining fronted, fully-stocked and organized shelves require around-the-clock coordination between category managers, store associates and vendors. Similar to implementing a cashierless shopping experience, automating shelf management processes not only takes the burden off of store associates, but enhances the shopping experience. If physical stores are to succeed, they need to add value to the shopper’s experience – something that shoppers cannot get online.

Bruegmann Merchandising Equipment Converts Shoppers Into Buyers

The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions that deliver an innovative differentiation to retailers and brands. For us, the store of the future means complimenting retailers’ strategic initiatives by enhancing the shopping experience at the most important part of the store – the shelf.

  1. Fronting & Shelf Management Solutions: Keeping shelves organized and products fronted at the shelf edge at all times
Bruegmann Solutions

      2. Shopper Communication: Assist the shopper with store guidance, education and information to make product visible and help shopper make an informed purchase.

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