November 2020

FlexRoller Plays An Important Role In Driving Beer Sales

Beer Store Sales

Beer is a Key Revenue Driver for Convenience Stores

The convenience store channel is key for beer sales. Over the last several years, beer has advanced to the second largest sales contributor behind cigarettes, ahead of energy drinks, soda and snacks. Some key insights are:

  • Beer sales account for 12% of sales growing at over 4% in 2019 vs. 2018
  • Beer shoppers spend 40% more on total baskets than non-beer shoppers
  • About 46% of shoppers say beer is their main reason for the trip

Beer C-Store Insights

Beer C-Store Trends

Beer Shelf Organization is Currently Not Focused on Maximizing Sales

The following facts show that the beer shelf needs an efficient and effective merchandising system to capitalize on the growth of the category:

  • Single cans account for 26% of sales, but only for 17% of the cooler space
  • 12oz six packs and 25oz singles drive 65% of total beer sales
  • Shoppers spend only spend 18 seconds at the shelf

FlexRoller Helps Organize the Beer Category and Converts Shoppers Into Buyers

The beer category includes a variety of packaging types such as glass & aluminum singles and cardboard multi-packs.

FlexRoller’s patented rollers are a universal merchandising solution that will keep all beverage packs consistently fronted and organized. An organized shelf plays a critical role in the purchasing decision as beer shoppers only spend 18 seconds at the shelf on average.

FlexRoller is the Best Solution for all Beer Shelves and Packs in the Convenience Store

With changing customer trends and new beverages being introduced, fine tuning product assortments is critical. FlexRoller’s adjustable dividers allow for fast and easy planogram resets which allows stores to quickly adapt their alcoholic beverage category offerings.


FlexRoller will front consistently and reliably beer in these locations:

FlexRoller Beer Merchandising

FlexRoller Benefits Convenience Stores in the Following Ways:

  • Sales Increase of 6-8% – Product is always fronted at the shelf edge
  • Labor Savings – Manual fronting is eliminated
  • Additional Facings – 20 facings can be gained in a 10-door set as adjustable dividers accommodate exact product width
  • Planogram Flexibility – Quickly implement cut-ins and planogram resets for new beverages, flavors and pack sizes
  • Universal Fronting – Patented rollers accommodate any packaging type (aluminum, plastic, glass & multi-packs)

Click here to view full Anheuser-Busch beer category report

FlexRoller: Convenience Store Beer Merchandising


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