October 2019

The in-store experience is more important now than ever

The brick & mortar world is evolving faster than ever before. While retailers are investing heavily in digital platforms, physical storefronts are perhaps seeing the biggest changes.

From mobile apps to full service restaurants, grocers have implemented various strategies to enhance the in-store experience for the customer.

  • Shopper Guidance: Mobile apps can assist the shopper to locate items on their shopping list and communicate discounts and promotions.
  • Destinations: Flagship stores incorporate cafes, full-service restaurants, live music and even bars.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI has been implemented to autonomously gather information on inventory, determine whether meats and product are fresh, and to identify spills or other hazards that require attention.
  • Digital Integration: Digital platforms allow shoppers to fill their carts from home by offering delivery services and curbside pick-up.

In order for these investments to be utilized at maximum potential, a consistently organized and fronted shelf must be a priority. With automatic fronting, FlexRoller ensures retailers that their investments in the shopping experience pays off:

  • Product Visibility: With automatic fronting, products are consistently at the shelf’s edge and visible to customers.
  • Elimination of Manual Fronting: Store employees won’t have to organize shelves throughout the day, thus freeing up staff to better assist customers.
  • No More ‘Perceived Out of Stocks’: As product gets shuffled around by customers throughout the day, some merchandise may get lost in the back of the shelf creating a perceived out of stock situation.
  • Flexibility: FlexRoller comes in several applications that works in a multitude of store environments. In addition, FlexRoller’s adjustable dividers accommodate any packaging type and size.

To get more information on FlexRoller, visit FlexRoller.com or contact Bruegmann USA at info@bruegmann-usa.com or 888.745.9229.