December 2020

Merchandising Solutions To Ensure Excellent Execution

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In-store merchandising execution is one of the top challenges for retailers. Bruegmann has the merchandising solutions to ensure excellent execution.

Current Situation

In today’s complex retail environment, in-store merchandising execution can often be challenging for store associates to carry out efficiently. Some common day-to-day challenges for store associates include issues with front facing and restocking items throughout the day, working with damaged or malfunctioning merchandising equipment and/or difficult-to-use equipment not optimized for increasing frequency of planogram resets.

Poor Merchandising Execution Is Costly

Poor merchandising execution costs retailers sales. In fact, over 50% of retailers lose 5–10% of their sales to poor in-store execution, and more than one-quarter (26%) lose 10–15% of their sales, according to Coresight Research’s October 2019 survey of 200 global retail decision-makers (LINK to report).

Consumer Demand Is Clear

Consumers expect their shopping experience to be convenient. In fact, 9 in 10 shoppers back out of a purchase if it is inconvenient to them, according to a survey of 2,949 US adults conducted by the NRF in October 2019. Furthermore, 7 in 10 shoppers cited leaving a store empty-handed because they could not find what they wanted, according to iVend’s 2018 survey of 2,250 global consumers.      

Reasons and Importance of Convenience & Reasons For Leaving Store Empty Handed

Shopper Insights and Convenience

Effective Retail Merchandising Solutions and Execution Is Key

Effective retail merchandising execution not only translates to increases in sales and basket size, but also has a substantial impact on retailers’ revenues. Effective merchandising equipment can help retailers drive sales and save costs through the following:

  • Enhanced product presentation enabling a better shopping experience
  • Increased sales through better presentation and shopper acceptance
  • Re-allocation of labor time and cost from tedious tasks such as fronting and re-stocking, to more value-added customer facing tasks
  • Adjusting of retail merchandising planograms and product assortment to localized situations quickly and efficiently with flexible shelf merchandising systems


Increased sales conversion emerged as the top benefit of effective retail merchandising, with over half of respondents (51%) citing it at as a benefit. Benefit ranking:

  1. Increased sales conversion
  2. Ability to create effective localized events/promotions
  3. Improved planning efficiency
  4. Reduced dependence on or the cost of third-party audits to check compliance
  5. Increased basket size
  6. Increased store productivity through better execution
  7. Ability to better meet shopper demand
  8. Better merchandising compliance across stores
  9. Greater level of store associate engagement
Center Store Merchandising

Bruegmann Merchandising Solutions Converts Shoppers Into Buyers

The Bruegmann Group designs, develops and manufactures high quality retail merchandising products and solutions in the following 3 areas that deliver an innovative differentiation to retailers and brands:

  1. Fronting and Organization: Keeping shelves well organized and products fronted and shoppable at all times
  2. Shopper Communication: Assist the shopper with store guidance, education and information to make product visible and help her/him make an informed purchase
  3. Loss Prevention: Preventing products from being swept off the shelf en masse
Solutions & Benefits of Bruegmann Solutions
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