Automatic Fronting For Today’s Retail Store

Maximize your shelves' earning potential

FlexRoller is a patented gravity feed roller system that delivers a wide range of benefits to retailers, shoppers and brands by guaranteeing that products remain at the shelf edge.

Why FlexRoller?
Validated Sales Increase
Independent testing has proven that FlexRoller leads to an increase in sales of up to 8%. Automatic fronting ensures consistent product visibility for easy shopping.
Increase Operational Efficiencies
By eliminating manual fronting and reducing stocking time, FlexRoller ultimately improves the retailer’s bottom line. Labor used to organize the shelf can be relocated to serve customers or reduce labor costs.
Planogram Flexibility
With adjustable dividers, lane widths can accommodate new packaging designs and resets to ensure consistent planogram compliance.
Designed To Perform
With a 5-year warranty, FlexRoller is a solution that will front products for years to come. Manufactured in Bruegmann’s wholly owned facilities, FlexRoller’s design, construction and quality control ensures consistent performance in the harshest retail environments.

From cold-vault to center store, FlexRoller can be utilized to fit any application.

Universal Shelf Management

  • FlexRoller can be applied to any retail environment
  • From 20oz soda bottles, boxed goods, glass jars to Tetra Pak, FlexRoller fronts all product types – large and small

See where FlexRoller can automate your fronting process!

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Installed in more than 75,000 stores worldwide, FlexRoller delivers lasting results in any store type.

Find FlexRoller across the nation in retail stores big and small