FlexRoller is a patented universal shelf management system that delivers a wide range of tangible benefits to retailers, shoppers and brands.
It keeps products of all sizes and weight always front-faced on gondola shelves in all channels.

The benefits are:


    Enhanced product presentation

    • Shoppers are able to locate products easier and faster
    • Top and bottom shelves are easier to shop
    • Products with limited shelf facings don’t get lost



      Operational efficiency

    • Quicker to restock shelves
    • Reduced supply chain costs related to key categories
    • Eliminate “out of reach” and “out of stock” situations



      Planogram efficiency

    • Re-sets easily implemented
    • Support new product launches



    FlexRoller benefits many categories

      The beverage landscape is continually evolving with new product innovation.

    • FlexRoller meets the merchandising challenges in this dynamic category.
    • FlexRoller is the universal shelf management system ideally suited for the beverage category in either warm or cold locations.
    Beverage Landscape - a Trend repeated in many categories